The Cascade Theatre Mural Project in Downtown Redding

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Attention, Redding! In a few months, we’ll be commemorating our resilience to the Carr Fire with a beautiful mural on our very own Cascade Theatre. But we need your help to make this a reality!

We’re raising $28,000 to cover the cost of the mural – that will pay for the various range of supplies, insurance fees, and operating costs that go into making this big of a project come to life. Between donations and sponsorships, we’ve raised about $15,000! But we have another $13,000 to go and need your help to make this happen! Please donate and share!

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We’re working with a renowned street artist to design this mural in collaboration with the Cascade Theatre, Shasta County Arts Council, and others who lost homes and businesses in the fire. Her murals are known for capturing the true essence of childlikeness, wonder and hope. The Redding mural will possess a similar essence as she works to capture our inner child and the spirit of rising up.


Like the Sundial Bridge, public art is a gift to its community. It reimagines a landscape, draws visitors from around the world, and gives our community tremendous pride for their city. To make this project possible, please make a financial contribution above. With your help, we will make a lasting impact on Redding!

With optimism,
Tyler Linahan & David McHarness
(530) 710-8587

Donations are being collected and managed by the Shasta County Arts Council. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit