Commemorating Our Resiliency: The Placer Mural Project in Downtown Redding

In collaboration with the Shasta County Arts Council, Redding Arts has been given the opportunity to commission a large-scale, world-class mural to commemorate the resiliency of our community and envision our city’s bright future. Redding Arts was launched in 2017 by local art enthusiast, Tyler Linahan, as a project to create local opportunities for artists, develop the local arts scene, and enrich Redding’s new cultural district. After the Carr Fire, the organization asked the renowned street artist, BKFoxx, to paint a mural that would help our community heal from this disaster and enhance our re-emerging downtown.

"Rise Up From the Ground" by BKFoxx

Our inspiration for this project (pictured above) is BKFoxx’s recent mural, titled, “Rise Up From the Ground,” in Kyiv, Ukraine. As Redding receives its needed rain, new life is emerging from the soil. It’s a symbol of our future: what’s growing in Redding is stronger and more beautiful than anything we’ve seen.  

We’ve asked BKFoxx to paint a 1,500 sq. ft. wall on the side of the Cascade Theater this spring. Of the entire funds needed, our goal is to raise the first $8,000 to secure a contract with the artist, and enable her to give us a sketch of the Cascade mural for our fundraising campaign. As she designs her sketch, she will collaborate with local residents and business owners who lost their homes in the fires.


Like the Sundial Bridge, public art is a gift to its community. It reimagines a landscape, draws visitors from around the world, and gives our community tremendous pride for their city. To make this project possible, please consider making a financial contribution below. With your help, we hope to make a lasting impact on Redding.

With optimism,
Tyler Linahan
(530) 710-8587